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Inpatient Program at MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital

Nearly 2 million people in the U.S. are living with limb loss—a complex health issue that requires highly specialized rehabilitation. That's why we developed our Inpatient Amputee Rehabilitation Program. One of just a handful CARF-accredited amputation rehabilitation programs in the region—and the only one in Washington, D.C.— it is now attracting a diverse population of patients from throughout the country.

At MedStar NRH, we focus on the whole person, helping patients reach the highest level of health and independence possible. Our interdisciplinary team approach to care includes the expertise of a board certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, nurses, a psychologist, physical, occupational, and recreational therapists, a nutritionist, a prosthetist and a care coordinator.

Our goal is to help patients deal with the multiple effects of limb loss by teaching then how to tackle the daily activities of life, while building their strength and increasing their endurance.

Most patients come to MedStar NRH immediately following their amputation. Sometimes our consultants will meet with patients while they are still in an acute care setting as a way to prepare them for what can be a very intensive and challenging rehabilitation program.

MedStar NRH Amputee Program Highlights

  • Program is recognized as an Amputee Coalition Certified Hospital Partner
  • Program provides a Peer Mentor Program which is accredited with the Amputee Coalition
  • We treat both single and multiple limb amputation in both the upper and lower extremity.
  • The average inpatient stay lasts two weeks.
  • Our nutritionist teaches patients about adopting a diet to promote healing.
  • Our psychologist helps patients deal with the emotional issues that accompany limb loss.
  • An inpatient support group is available to help patients cope with their new condition
  • Patients learn important self-care regimens in order to prevent infections, skin ulcers, blood clots and other medical complications.
  • Additional education on diet and blood glucose control is provided for patients with diabetes.
  • Our specialized therapy program helps prepare patients for living with the assistance of a prosthesis.
  • A team of certified prosthetists who can design, fit and manufacture customized prostheses are available on-site.

After being discharged from our inpatient program, many patients continue their training and therapy at one of our many outpatient sites located throughout the region. Likewise, we are here for patients if they require modifications in their prostheses, a replacement limb—or other adaptive equipment to improve their quality of life.

Program Outcomes

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Additional Resources

Many patients  take advantage of MedStar NRH’s active Adaptive Sports Program and our Amputee Support Group, which provides an opportunity for patients to share their experiences with others living with limb loss. Opportunities are also available for patients to become a peer mentor (or mentee) to others with limb loss. MedStar NRH Amputee program is partnered with Amputee Coalition to offer expertise, training curriculum and patient education materials to integrate a highly successful peer support program into our rehabilitation. 


Outpatient Services

Our outpatient services combine evaluation and education with goal-directed rehabilitation. Our goal is to help adults and adolescents with limb loss be as functional and independent as possible at home, at work or school, and in the community. All services are provided as part of a coordinated team approach, and each patient’s treatment plan is written according to the individual’s personal needs and goals.

Patient care is managed by an interdisciplinary team consisting of board-certified physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, prosthetists, and other rehabilitation professionals as needed. The team specializes in working with individuals who have had amputations and assists patients in understanding and managing their unique physical, psychosocial, and daily living needs.

Services offered

  • Assessment is available for recommendations to increase home accessibility
  • Driving program available to assess, recommend and contract modifications to an automobile
  • Comprehensive medical evaluation and treatment, including pre-amputation consultation for surgical patients
  • Medical assessment for prosthetic needs fabrication, fitting, and repair of prostheses on site through preferred prosthetic companies and durable medical equipment companies
  • Fabrication, fitting, and repair of orthotics, orthopedic shoes, and braces as needed
  • Evaluation and recommendations for wheelchairs, assistive devices, and other equipment, as well as training in equipment use
  • Assessment, adjustments and recommendations for ambulation with and without a prosthesis
  • Recommendations for adaptations in daily tasks such as dressing, bathing, and home management
  • Patient and family education assessment of pain management needs


For assistance with getting back to work after your injury or illness, we can help link you with your state vocational rehabilitation agency.

More Information

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Our outpatient rehabilitation services are conveniently located throughout the region. Learn more about the Outpatient Amputee Program.

Our Specialists

  • Howard Gilmer, DO
    Medical Director - Amputee Rehabilitation Program
  • Jessica Barth, MS, OTR/L, CBIS
    Co-Director- Amputee Rehabilitation Program
  • Jessica Eng, PT, MPT, NCS
    Co-Director-Amputee Rehabilitation Program