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Top of the Line Sports Performance Center Opens at Lafayette Centre
MedStar NRH physiatrists and sports medicine physical therapists serve as the rehabilitation arm of MedStar Health Sports Medicine and work hand-inhand with the wide spectrum of sports medicine physician specialists across MedStar.

Taking Flight: Patient-Donor-Pilot Sets Sights on the Sky
On that fall day, Lee Sommer was taking care of routine tasks, including tending to aircraft and receiving Jet-A fuel for a large fuel truck. “I jumped off the truck as I always do,” Lee remembers. “I felt a twinge in my back on the impact, but it wasn’t too bad.”

Seven Important Winter Running Tips
Don’t let the cold weather and snow stop you from going running during the winter. To be prepared, there are several things you can do and consider before putting on your running shoes and stepping out in the frigid weather.

Beating Bad Stress
A contentious election year, an onslaught of media headlines, job tension, and family complications. The past year has been a difficult one for most of us and feeling “stressed-out” is common.