Managing Spinal Cord Injury

Edited by Suzanne L. Groah, M.D., M.S.P.H.
Publication Date: September 2005

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Managing Spinal Cord Injury gives people with spinal cord injury an enlightening look at their positive futures-while providing a comprehensive overview of the real medical, psychological, financial challenges they may face. The book is written with the optimistic-and realistic-perspective that while life after spinal cord injury will be different-it can be full and meaningful. It's an invaluable resource for people who have recently experienced injury-as well as those years post-injury.

Managing Spinal Cord Injury begins with "spinal cord injury 101," unraveling the complexities of our nervous system and explaining how spinal cord injury affects physical functioning. It then examines the impact of injury on the emotional and social lives of affected people-and provides the tools they need to adapt and flourish. More than 20 of the nation's top spinal cord injury experts have contributed to this comprehensive guide, distilling years of experience into 16 jam-packed chapters. The guide approaches life from every angle-relationships, recreation, family, work and school-and provides useful tips, case studies, illustrations and charts that turn complex information into easy-to-understand and useful facts.

Personal stories written by people who are living with spinal cord injury are rays of light that give hope to patients and families-and give true testimony to the reality of a meaningful life after injury.

This practical-and inspirational-book summarizes years of research and clinical experience into an easy-to-navigate reference for anyone affected by spinal cord injury. It's a critical resource to read and re-read time and again.

Here's what they are saying about Managing Spinal Cord Injury: [This] is the guiding light at the end of an otherwise bleak and dark tunnel that so many people envision after their injury. This is a refreshing resource that covers the questions that are most immediate in people with spinal cord injuries and their families' mind . . . testimonials by SCI individuals who are living healthy and fulfilled lives . . . makes this mush more engaging than the average resource guide.

-- Brenda Gilmore, SCI Life Consultante