Thrower’s Shoulder Program

Thrower’s Shoulder Program

MedStar Sports Medicine and MedStar NRH Rehabilitation Network have developed a comprehensive throwing program to include range of motion and strengthening of shoulder, scapula, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, and core stability. The throwing motion is broken down into six phases: windup, stride, arm cocking, arm acceleration, arm deceleration, and follow through. During an individualized assessment, therapists will look at the key muscles required to complete each phase of throwing. Our mission is to provide a rehabilitation and prevention program to minimize the risk of injury, and develop more power and stabilization throughout the throwing motion.

The Thrower’s Shoulder program can be customized to fit audiences of various ages, from individualized sessions to sessions that include an entire team. Every situation is unique, and we are able to accommodate individual needs and create a package that will work best for the individual or team.

Common Baseball Conditions Treated:

  • Rotator Cuff Syndrome
  • Primary Shoulder Instability
  • Glenoid Labral Tears
  • Biceps Tendon Pathology
  • Tendonitis (shoulder and elbow)
  • Muscle Strains (flexor pronator)
  • Nerve Injuries (radial entrapment, pronator teres syndrome, ulnar entrapment)
  • Compressive Injuries (osteochondrosis, articular cartilage, loose bodies)
  • Osteophyte Formation
  • Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injuries

Throwers’ Rehabilitation Program:

  • Shoulder Strengthening
  • Dynamic Scapular Control
  • Core Stabilization
  • Closed Kinetic Chain Activities
  • Upper Extremity Plyometrics
  • Lower Extremity Power Development
  • Throwing Protocols
  • Hitting Protocols

Throwers’ Injury Prevention Program:

  • Arm Care Program
  • Core Stabilization
  • Video Analysis
  • Throwers Screens

For more information, please contact Nicholas Sburlati at [email protected] 

Thrower’s Shoulder Program Locations:


MedStar Harbor Hospital Sports Medicine

Lutherville Sports Medicine


Bel Air


Friendship Heights