MedStar Health Physical Therapy offers a full range of diagnostic, treatment, injury prevention, and training services. We specialize in individualized programs for youth, collegiate, and professional level athletes, as well as casual weekend sports participants. Our goal is to enhance the conditioning, human performance, injury prevention, and participation ability of those interested in achieving their greatest potential.

We believe you share our commitment to be the best -- to push yourself to new levels of success.

Our functional training program is designed to:

  • Improve soccer specific strength and conditioning
  • Increase power, speed, and agility through plyometrics
  • Improve dynamic balance and reaction time
  • Enhance acceleration and deceleration, and explosive change of direction
  • Increase flexibility to prevent injury associated with soccer participation
  • Provide essential nutrition and hydration information to maximize soccer performance

There are other training programs in this region, but none that are as comprehensive, soccer specific, or staffed by more qualified specialists than the Soccer Performance Enhancement Program.

The Performance Enhancement Program for Soccer is a comprehensive six week program. Our professional staff of physical therapists, certified strength and conditioning specialists, and licensed soccer coaches train the athletes three times a week. The sessions are 75 minutes each, with an exceptional ratio of trainers to athletes ensuring individualized attention for proper technique and safety. Team participation is encouraged but not required.

The Soccer Performance Enhancement Program is available at the following locations:


Montgomery County