There are more than 100,000 ACL tears/year in the US. ACL tears generally result in surgery, extensive physical therapy, significant time away from an athlete’s sport and friends, and a likelihood of arthritis within 10 years after injury. Most ACL injuries occur without contact, while landing or cutting. For this reason, the highest prevalence of knee injuries occur in soccer, lacrosse, basketball, volleyball and field hockey. Females are up to 10 times more likely than males to have an ACL injury, playing the same sport. There are multiple reasons for this, but research studies have shown that neuromuscular training to improve landing mechanics can reduce the relative injury risk from 24-82%.

The MedStar Health Physical Therapy, the therapy network of MedStar Sports Medicine, has developed a comprehensive ACL Injury Prevention program to reduce injury risk. In the clinic, this involves learning a proper dynamic warm up, a targeted strengthening program, as well as a progressive plyometric program. Our mission is to help educate and train as many teams, coaches and parents as possible to help minimize the risk of an athlete suffering this common injury. Learn more about the ACL Injury Prevention services at MedStar Sports Medicine.

When working with teams or at camps, there are several options for providing this program, from general education, to the full program we would do in one of our clinics. Every situation is different, and we are happy to customize a package that will work best for your group.

Prices for the ACL Injury Prevention program are dependent on time and number of participants.  Please contact the clinic directly and we are happy to work out a customized package to meet the needs of any team, club, camp, etc.


Sports Biomechanical Assessment

MedStar NRH is now offering PhysiMax, a cutting-edge, 3D-video technology that, until recently, was available to only elite military forces and professional sports teams.

This latest technological breakthrough in the field of sports medicine will provide you with a scientifically-tested movement score that our therapists and athletic trainers will use to analyze your dynamic leg-movement control, including two-leg and single-leg jump landing and take-off movement patterns.

As part of this evaluation session, you will receive a tailor-made corrective training recommendation for prolonging and enhancing your performance.

Learn more about the 3D Computer Vision and Scoring at


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