Admission Criteria

  1. Acute diagnosis of SCI/D
  2. Must have potential to benefit from further training in at least the first 2 items, and may also need items 3-6 below:
    1. Occupational Therapy needs such as:
      • Self-care skills (dressing, bathing, etc.)
      • Home management skills
      • Functional upper-extremity training
      • Adaptive equipment/DME training
    2. Physical Therapy needs such as:
      • Ambulation
      • Transfers
      • Seating and positioning
      • Wheelchair propulsion
      • Independence with functional activities
    3. SCI education
    4. Health management
    5. Community reintegration
    6. Vocational reintegration
    7. Psychosocial adjustment
  3. Is medically stable.
  4. Has reliable transportation to allow participation in the Day Program at least 2-3 days per week.
  5. If the patient has a primary care physician (PCP), the physician will agree to work with the assigned MedStar NRH rehabilitation physician managing his/her Day Treatment Program.
  6. Is not prevented by secondary diagnoses from participating in at least three hours of active treatment 2-3 days per week.
  7. If nursing/aide support is needed during the treatment day, patient’s personal healthcare personnel must be able to accompany patient for feeding, toileting, medical management, etc.
  8. Has adequate energy, endurance and skin tolerance to manage transportation and 3 consecutive hours of therapy.
  9. Is a willing participant.
  10. Is at least 16 years of age. Ages 13-16 will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Spinal Cord Day Program Outcomes

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Your opinion about the care you receive while here is very important. The information you provide about your experience is extremely valuable. It will help us improve our future care for you, your family and friends. We will listen. Your honest opinions, suggestions, and comments will remain confidential. Your responses are grouped into data / numbers that the hospital uses to determine where we need to improve.

More Information

For more information about the SCI Day Treatment Program at MedStar National Rehabilitation Network or to make a referral, please call

Claudia Guzman, Office Coordinator at 202-877-1439


The Transitions Team

Katie Seward, Physical Therapist
Sarah Anscher, Physical Therapist
Sarah Ouwerkerk, Occupational Therapist
Jessica Lawson, Occupational Therapist
Judson Richardson, Program Co-Director/Social Worker


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