Speech-Language Pathology Student Training Program

Speech-Language Pathology Student Training Program

Clinical practicum opportunities for graduate students interested in medical speech-language pathology are available in the following programs at MedStar National Rehabilitation Network (MNRN):

Supervision and Evaluation

As part of MNRN’s Student Training Program, graduate students receive on-site supervision during their practicum experience.  Students share a clinical caseload with their primary Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) supervisor, who oversees their training experience.  Clinical opportunities during MNRN’s three full-day placement or five half-day placement will expose graduate students to supervised direct patient contact in the areas of adult neurogenic speech, voice, language, cognitive and swallowing disorders.  After an initial period of observation, graduate students take on direct clinical case management responsibilities, under the mentorship of their supervisor.  Ongoing verbal and written supervisory feedback is provided throughout the practicum and the MNRN supervisor completes all University-required paperwork as part of the practicum experience.   

Participation in programmatic activities, including the SLP Continuing Education Colloquium series, the Graduate Student Lecture Series and multidisciplinary patient staffings are integral components of the MNRN student placement experience.   Completion of at least one faculty advisor observation and/or consultation is required.   Readiness for MNRN’s clinical placements are based on the applicant’s completion of graduate-level coursework in adult neurogenic communication disorders, maintenance of a minimum of a 3.0 graduate level GPA, and an expressed strong interest in the area of adult neurogenics.    In addition to these characteristics, applicants are required to complete the MNRN student training program’s application, background check, drug testing, medical physical including confirmation of current vaccinations and completion of PPD screening.

For more information, contact MNRN’s Student Training Coordinator Lauren Taylor, M.Ed., CCC-SLP at 202-877-1455 or [email protected].