NOTE:  All these audio files in both sections can be downloaded to your smart-phone into your music folder or onto your computer or even burnt on an audio CD.

Preparing for Surgery

Hello my name is Dr. Philip Appel and I am a clinical health psychologist and Director Emeritus of Psychology at the MedStar National Rehabilitation Network.  Your physician and medical team would like you to be as comfortable as possible and feeling confident about your upcoming surgery.  Research has found that when people create a positive mindset about their surgery they get better faster and have fewer complications.  To that end we are providing you with this self hypnosis audio file to help you prepare for your surgery.  In this mental exercise you will learn to relax and concentrate on suggestions for healing and wellness.  You may want to listen to this once a day until your procedure date, so as to really implant in your mind that everything will go well.  Know that you can relax with the knowledge that your physician and your well trained medical team will provide you with expert care; and to help you relax we are providing you with this audio file to listen to, to mentally prepare for your procedure.

Please click here to download the file

If you know something about your planned recovery period post-surgery as to whether you will be recovering in the hospital for a time or whether you will be discharged to home immediately after surgery you may want to download the post-surgery audio files as well, so as to have them when you need them.

Post-surgery Self-Hypnosis audio files for reinforcing healing and recovery

  • For those having a recovery stay in hospital - please click here to download the file
  • For those being discharged to home following surgery - please click here to download the file

Other Self-Help Audio Downloads

Below are several downloadable audio files that we have created to assist you in coping with your illness, disability, insomnia or pain.

Exercise 1 is a hypnotic version of a choiceless awareness mindfulness meditation to expand awareness in such a way that the individual is not aware of any one thing. The exercise teaches one to observe experience without having to react or respond.

Exercise 2 is a progressive sensory muscle relaxation exercise learning to use gravity and body temperature to achieve a mental state of deep relaxation.

Exercise 3 is a guided meditation in the art of Disidentification learning how the experiencer is not the experience. This exercise is useful for emotional and physical pain.

Exercise 4 is a self-hypnosis exercise to foster sleep to help those who are having trouble sleeping.

Exercise 5 is a self-hypnosis exercise for reducing pain using Dr. Mark Jensen’s suggestions.

Exercise 6 is a guided Imagery Exercise for reducing pain using a script by Belleruth Naparstek.

Exercise 7 is positive affirmations to listen to by Belleruth Naparstek for changing attitude toward being in pain.

  1. Pain and Stress management  - Click here
  2. Learning to relax mentally and physically - Click here
  3. Learning to disidentify from experience - Click here
  4. Help with insomnia - Click here
  5. Self-Hypnosis for pain management – Click here
  6. Guide Imagery for pain management- Click here
  7. Affirmations for pain management- Click here

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