PT - Pediatric patient

Pediatric Physical Therapy: Restoring Strength and Mobility

Physical therapy is an important tool to help patients gain strength, reduce pain and restore movement.  Physical therapists specially trained to work with children use a variety of methods to help children attain the highest functional ability possible—everything from simple exercise to the use of innovative technology.

Among the advanced therapeutic options available to patients is the ZeroG®–a unique robotic device developed at MedStar NRH.  ZeroG incorporates a body weight support system that rides along a trolley attached to an overhead rail system. When patients wear the ZeroG pediatric-sized harness, they feel almost weightless, allowing them to walk.  ZeroG provides safe, dynamic gait training to help patient relearn to walk.

Pediatric patients also have access to gait training with the more commonly used Lite-Gait system.  Another tool used by physical therapists is the Nintendo® Wii, the interactive game that can help improve balance and strength.