MedStar Health Physical Therapy offers evaluations of cognitive and neurobehavioral problems ranging from brief neuropsychological screenings to comprehensive neuropsychological dementia work-ups. We work closely with referring physicians to answer referral questions and make treatment and management recommendations. A full range of neurorehabilitation services is available to patients with cognitive, behavioral, and physical impairments.

Evaluation/Consultation For:

  • Differential diagnosis of dementia vs. “normal” age-related cognitive changes
  • Differential diagnosis of dementia vs. depression and other medical conditions
  • Differential diagnosis of cognitive disorders, conversion disorders, factitious disorders and malingering
  • Serial assessment for tracking dementia progression
  • Forensic evaluations ranging from capacity to consent to treatment/medical decision-making to guardianship/self-care
  • Baseline and post-neurosurgical evaluations of memory and cognition
  • Serial assessments for tracking recovery from neurologic insults such as TBI and CVA
  • Return to work capacity, including determining disability status and developing reasonable accommodations
  • Neuropsychological sequela of neurotoxicity
  • Screening of transplant candidates

Treatment Services:

  • Management of cognitive changes associated with aging
  • Compensatory memory and problem solving strategies in early stage dementia, TBI, CVA and other neurologic diseases
  • Recommendations to health care providers regarding learning/behavioral strategies for enhancing medical compliance and reducing medical complications
  • Other services provided for medical patients with mood disorders
  • Health promotion for smoking cessation or to change eating, exercise, and alcohol use patterns
  • Behavior management for behavioral disturbances associated with cognitive and/or personality deterioration
  • Behavior modification and teaching strategies to enhance compliance with prescribed medical treatment
  • Self-Regulation, stress management, and relaxation training
  • Psychotherapy to improve adaptation to chronic medical illness and cognitive disability


Memory and neuropsychological disorders services are available at the following locations:

Washington, D.C.

Montgomery County