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For more information about the Driver Training Program at:

MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital- please call 202-877-1035

McLean, Virginia- please call 703-288-8260

MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital- please call 443-444-5500

Please refer to your State Division of Motor Vehicles for specific medical policies:

Driver Rehab Evaluation

Step 1: Clinical Driving Evaluation (pre-driving)

You will participate in a full clinical examination. We will start by reviewing your medical and driving history. Our specialists will assess your physical abilities, cognitive functioning, road knowledge, vision, and reaction time and review your goals to ensure optimal results.

Step 2: Behind the Wheel Evaluation

The Behind the Wheel (On-Road) evaluation is completed in one of our specially modified vehicles. We use our company vehicles for this portion of the assessment for safety reasons, as they are equipped with dual controls, and have additional adaptive driving equipment that can be utilized as needed.

We will assess your driving ability and introduce equipment and/or techniques as appropriate that can assist in maximizing your driving performance. We have designed specific driving routes that gives us a clear snapshot of your abilities.

Step 3: Behind the wheel training

If necessary, additional training sessions may occur at the driver’s location, in their usual driving environment, assuring safe and independent execution of familiar and frequented routes. If a client requires adaptive equipment or techniques to drive, we will generally require additional training before we write an adaptive equipment prescription.

Step 4: Recommendations

Once the evaluation has been completed, we will discuss your entire assessment and share our recommendations with you, your family and your referring physician. In the best cases we can recommend that you return to driving without restriction.

Unfortunately, not everyone can return to driving, and sometimes our recommendation must be cessation from driving. This is difficult for anyone to hear. We will assist with counseling regarding alternative transportation options that will meet your new mobility needs as a non-driver. It is important that we make decisions and recommendations for your safety and for the safety of others using our roadways. It is always possible that your condition could change or technology advancement could improve your function. In that case we would invite you to return for reassessment at that time.


What are specific areas that can affect my ability to drive?

  • Challenges in making multiple decisions simultaneously (multi-tasking)
  • Difficulty in judging traffic scenarios correctly and making correct responses to other roadway users
  • Slow processing that leads to delayed behind-the-wheel execution
  • Impaired memory for route navigation or for sequencing destinations
  • Visual challenges including double vision, visual suppression, or impaired perception of space
  • Impaired physical abilities such as tremors, tone, weakness or paralysis

Who can benefit from your services?

The program can help persons with a variety of disabilities including but not limited to: stroke, amputations of arms or legs, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, arthritis, visual impairments, neurological impairments, decreased function due to aging, cardiac conditions, diabetic conditions, congenital disabilities.

License suspension


If you receive a letter from the DMV stating that your license will be or has suspended and you need to enroll in a CDRS program, please call 703-288-8260 to schedule an appointment for a clinical driving evaluation.   If your appointment date is scheduled after the date of suspension, please let the scheduler know to send a letter of enrollment to the DMV Medical Review Board.

The DMV will send you a letter which you bring to your local DMV branch for a 3W restricted license, which allows you to drive ONLY with a CDRS (Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist).

You do not need the 3W restricted license for the clinical driving evaluation, but will need it for the behind the wheel evaluation or training.