What types of adaptive equipment do you have?

  • Electronic left food accelerator
  • Spinner knobs (tri-pin, single post, ring) with secondary control options
  • Electronic hand controls (left and right)
  • Adaptive signal/dash controls (right turn signal extension lever)
  • Variable sized steering wheel


  • Mechanical left food accelerator
  • Mechanical hand controls (left and right)
  • Option to drive from 6-way captain's seat or power wheelchair
  • Chest harness/cushions, pedal extensions
  • Variable effort steering
  • Ramp access

How many training sessions will I need?
May range from a few sessions to several weeks depending on your adaptive equipment or learning needs.  We will provided an estimate of anticipated training needs after your initial evaluation.

Is any of the driving evaluation covered by insurance?
Behind the wheel evaluation and training is not covered by insurance.  We may take your insurance information if we anticipate that you will need occupational therapy of physical therapy prior to starting the driver rehabilitation program.

Are their financial programs to help with the cost?
There are financing programs available for the cost of vehicle modification.  You will be provided with additional information during your initial evaluation.

Do you work with novice drivers?
We take novice drivers on a case-by-case basis depending on medical need.  The DC driving program can only take novice drivers from DC. The Virginia driving program can only take novice drivers from Virginia.  Maryland drivers can refer to the Division of Rehab Services (DORS) at 410-554-9365 or Tim Jones, CDRS at 301-682-9110.

Make an Appointment

For more information about the Driver Training Program at:

MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital- please call 202-877-1035

McLean, Virginia- please call 703-288-8260

MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital- please call 443-444-5500