Lymphedema management program at MedStar NRH

The Lymphedema Management Program offers services provided by physical and occupational therapists that have been extensively trained in skilled treatment techniques for lymphedema management. Our rehabilitation program has been developed based on our therapists’ training and working knowledge of current medical management of primary and secondary lymphedema and related rehabilitative needs.

Services by physical and occupational therapists are brought together to develop an individualized treatment plan to restore the patient to the highest level of functioning. A major focus of our program is to educate and instruct the patient in self-help techniques to begin to manage primary or secondary lymphedema independently.

Individualized Treatment Programs

Aspects of the treatment program include any or all of the following, based on the patient’s needs as determined by the patient and physician:

  • Education: Origin of lymphedema, precautions and lifestyle modification, and current management techniques.
  • Pre- and Post- Surgical Assessments: For patients at risk for secondary lymphedema, a rehabilitation physician can perform a pre- and post-operative baseline assessment of current daily functional level, flexibility, strength, and arm measurements.

Treatment Options

Based on evaluation findings, the following treatment options are available:

Lymphedema management - When lymphedema presents, the patient is offered a comprehensive approach to restore maximal level of function. Treatment may include      

  • Manual lymphatic therapy
  • Gradient compression bandaging of the limb
  • A comprehensive exercise prescription for flexibility, strength and edema management
  • Posture and breathing exercises
  • Aerobic and conditioning exercises
  • Sequential compression pump if indicated

Rehabilitation for:

  • Limited range of motion
  • Weakness of the affected limb
  • Pain
  • Correcting muscle imbalances which may have resulted from surgery
  • Fitness programs to restore pre-diagnosis activity levels


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