The DC Sled Sharks is a junior sled hockey team, competing in the Delaware Valley Hockey League.  Our players range in age from 4 to 18 yr old.  We offer developmental and competitive opportunities for children interested in the sport. During our season (September to March) we practice weekly at Kettler’s Ice Plex in Arlington VA, the same rink used for practice by the Washington Capitals.  Off season (June to August), we practice once a month to recruit new players!  Our coaches are certified USA Hockey coaches, with additional training in Disabled Hockey. We provide sleds, sticks and hockey equipment at no cost. 



Directions to the iceplex

For more information, contact Joan Joyce at 202.877.1420 or [email protected].


About Sled Hockey

Originating in Sweden in the early 1960's, Sled Hockey became an official Paralympic sport at the 1994 Winter Games in Norway. Since then, Sled Hockey has become the sport of choice for many disabled athletes.

Like regular hockey, Sled Hockey is played on a standard size ice rink with standard size nets and pucks. There are six players on the ice for each team - three forwards, two defense men and a goalie. Subs may be made when stopped or on the fly. Most of the same rules for hockey played in the United States apply to Sled Hockey.

How is it different? Instead of skates, players sit in specially-designed sleds with two hockey blades mounted on the frame. The stick used by players is about one-third the size of a regulation stick and includes 2 metal "picks" on the end. Players use two of these sticks to propel themselves across the ice.