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This program is made possible in part thanks to the Gordon and Marilyn Macklin Foundation.

MedStar NRH Adaptive Fitness Program offers multiple avenues for individuals with varying physical abilities to participate in physical fitness opportunities. Individuals with physical disabilities have as much need (if not more) for physical activity to promote healthy living as able-bodied individuals. Being physically active can decrease the likelihood of developing secondary health conditions including: coronary heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, overuse injuries, muscular imbalance and pressure sores. By providing opportunities for increased physical activity we aim to build and improve: strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, functional abilities and overall mood and confidence. The fitness classes can be specifically adapted to fit the needs of the individual by our certified trainers.

Fitness classes are held on a weekly basis at MedStar NRH Irving Street location (102 Irving Street, Washington, DC 20010), as well as at other community sites in the DC, NoVA and Maryland areas.

This  program is made possible in part thanks to The Gordon and Marilyn Macklin Foundation.



*Due to COVID-19 we have had to limit in-person programming for the Adaptive Fitness Program.

We are working through these times to continue to provide resources, education and Adaptive Fitness programming for all current and new participants. Our current classes are being offered virtually, with some limited in-person classes available through a pre-registration process.

*Registration is required for virtual classes and essential for the in-person classes, as space and number of people allowed is limited.

Here is a list of classes and how you can access them:

Monday (Virtual Only)


Wednesday (Virtual Only)


Saturday (In-person and Hybrid)

About our Trainers:

DPI Adaptive Fitness is a company that has specialized, dedicated and reliable trainers. DPI Trainers hold a strong background in physical therapy, personal training, boot camp, boxing, group exercise, and adaptive fitness. Their aim to set realist goals and to provide services that can safely yet aggressively push people to perform beyond their own expectations.


Check out photos and videos from our fitness program.

No Limits Adaptive Fitness program is headed by Harsh Thakkar, SCI Peer Wellness Specialist.

For more information, questions and to inquire if this program is appropriate for you, please contact:
Harsh Thakkar at [email protected] or
call 202-877-1859