-In order to be eligible to play in the NWBA you must have a lasting lower extremity disability that consistently interferes with mobility as quantified by standard medical examination and/or test. (ex. Paralysis, amputation, limb shortening, etc)

- There are many Divisions in the NWBA: Division 1, 2, 3, Women’s, College, and Juniors.

-The NRH Punishers compete in Division 1 and all play by NCAA basketball rules.

-In wheelchair basketball you can only push twice before needing to dribble, pass, or shoot the ball. Three pushes is considered a travel.

-All players are classified based on their function level from a 1.0-4.5 and .5 points in-between. The coach can only have a total 15 points on the court at the same time. This allows a team balance to ensure players that have a more severe disability are encouraged to participate more. Women athletes that play on any division other than Women’s Division drop 1.0 point (but cannot drop below a 1.0 classification) in their classification.



“Wheelchair basketball was born in 1946 in Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals in Birmingham (CAL) and Framingham (MA) where World War II veterans were being treated for various degrees of paralysis. Recognizing that they would by necessity use wheelchairs for the rest of their lives, they sought entertainment through numerous sports. Many started with ping-pong and pool, and then progressed to bowling and swimming and quickly to wheelchair softball and basketball…”

“…Since 1991, the NWBA has attained considerable recognition in the public domain. It became an associate member of the US Congress. It is now an active member of USA Basketball. Its former Commissioner, Stan Labanowich, yet another University of Illinois graduate and NWBA Hall of Famer, was appointed to USA Basketball’s Board of Directors.”

“…Wheelchair basketball has come a long way since its origins in the US in the mid-1940s. The NWBA has since grown to 192 teams.”

To learn more about the NWBA and wheelchair basketball please visit the NWBA’s  website: http://www.nwba.org/.