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MedStar NRH Researcher Barbara S. Bregman Recipient of 2016 Goldschmidt Award
MedStar NRH Researcher Barbara S. Bregman Recipient of 2016 Goldschmidt Award
Barbara S. Bregman, PhD, senior research scientist and director of education and training with MedStar NRH Research Division, and a professor in the Departments of Neuroscience and Rehabilitation Medicine at Georgetown University Medical Center and the Center for Brain Plasticity at Georgetown University, is the recipient of the 28th Annual John W. Goldschmidt Award.

NRH Geico News Release
MedStar National Rehabilitation Network Receives Donation of New Vehicle for Patients' Therapy from Longtime Supporters Volkswagen Group of America & GEICO
For disabled patients who hope to one day restore their independence by driving again, that day is a little closer. This past week MedStar National Rehabilitation Network (MedStar NRH) received a generous donation of a 2015 Volkswagen Passat, with special modifications and wrapping courtesy of GEICO.

Righting a Wrong? Right Side of Brain Can Compensate for Post-Stroke Loss of Speech
After a debate that has lasted more than 130 years, researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center and with the MedStar National Rehabilitation Network have found that loss of speech from a stroke in the left hemisphere of the brain can be recovered on the back, right side of the brain. This contradicts recent notions that the right hemisphere interferes with recovery.

Dr. Turkeltaub and his colleagues conducted a preliminary study of a small sample of patients with promising results: Nearly 80 percent of those surveyed experienced the phenomenon. Also, their reports about inner speech were related to the particular part of the brain affected by the stroke, and even predicted which words they would relearn during speech therapy.