Code of Ethics

MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards, as defined by our credo, mission, strategic plan, policies, and procedures. We believe those ethical obligations extend beyond legal, licensing and accreditation requirements. MedStar NRH strives always to provide care in a manner that fosters, to the maximum degree possible, the patient's sense of autonomy, dignity, positive self-worth, civil rights, and involvement in his or her care.

Our policies and procedures are designed to ensure that: patients' rights and confidentiality are respected, patients are billed for only those services and care provided, the integrity of clinical decision making is protected regardless of how MedStar NRH compensates or shares risk with its leaders, managers, clinical staff and licensed independent practitioners, and marketing, admission, transfer, and discharge practices are conducted in an ethical manner.

For more information on your rights and responsibilities as a patient or to find out how to register a question or complaint, please see the Patient Bill of Rights.