Portable Health Profile

Keeping your own medical information in a portable health profile (PHP)

It’s important that you know and keep track of changes in your own important health information. Because people see many different healthcare providers, this can be difficult to do. Using a portable health profile (PHP) can make keeping track of your health information easier. When you give healthcare providers the right information, you help them take better care of you.

Portable Health Profile

  • includes basic health information, such as medical conditions, allergies, functional abilities, advance directives and emergency contacts
  • helps you organize information from many different sources into one place
  • should be taken to healthcare appointments so it’s easier for you to answer questions/provide information
  • keeps your important healthcare information together for emergencies

An example of a PHP has been provided for you. We suggest you write in pencil so you can update the PHP as things change. You can also find similar PHPs on your computer at:

Please let us know if you need any help updating your PHP with the new information from your stay at MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital.

To download the Portable Health Profile Information PDF, please click here