Patients with Disabilities

MedStar National Rehabilitation Network has made a number of provisions to help our patients with disabilities, including:

  • Provide services and programs in the most integrated setting appropriate to the needs of the qualified individual with a disability;
  • Ensure that programs, services, activities, and facilities are accessible;
  • Advocate on the behalf of persons with disabilities and avoid discrimination on the basis of disability;
  • Provide auxiliary aids to persons with disabilities, at no additional cost, where necessary to afford an equal opportunity to participate in or benefit from a program or activity;
  • Adopt grievance procedures to handle complaints of disability discrimination in programs and activities

Inpatient Information

Inpatient Stay

  • We provide in-person, certified, sign language interpreters for our inpatients during their physician's rounds and therapy sessions at no cost to the patient. Please make sure our staff is aware that an interpreter will be required in advance of your admission.
  • All inpatient rooms and waiting areas are equipped with closed captioned TVs. Please ask our staff to activate this feature when required.
  • Several other communication assistance devices are available upon request such as TTY/TTD devices, amplified telephone handsets, assistive listening devices and call bells.

Outpatient Information

Clinic Visit

  • We provide in-person sign language interpreters for our patients who use sign language. Please make sure our staff is aware that an interpreter will be required at the time of scheduling your appointment
  • Several other communication assistance devices will be made available upon request to facilitate communication.  Such devices may include amplified telephone handsets, and assistive listening devices.  The state TTY/TTD relay system is available to anyone who wishes to use it.
For more information regarding accommodations available to assist persons with disabilities,
please feel free to contact the Clinic Manager or Clinic Coordinator at the site you will be attending.
You may also contact the Patient Advocacy Department at 202-877-1944.