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- Promote patient and family advocacy and involvement

- Provide feedback that addresses patient safety, quality of care, and patient experience issues

- Strengthen communication and collaboration among patients, families and other caregivers, professional staff, and associates

- Facilitate information sharing between MedStar NRH and the patients, families, and community it serves

- Aid in establishing organizational priorities in response to patient, family, and community needs


Examples of Projects and Activities

- Develop content for a patient and family orientation presentation that highlights the unique aspects of the rehabilitation setting and sets realistic expectations for patients and/or families. (in development)

- Organize and host a community event showcasing state and federal resources for emergency preparedness that address the specific needs of the post-rehab community. (in development)

- Provide feedback and input on several hospital projects, including patient communication boards, the posting of meaningful metrics, a fall prevention initiative, and bedside shift report.

- Completed several thorough reviews and made extensive revisions to the current Patient Information Guidebook for new admissions.

PFACQS Members

Meet the members of MedStar NRH’s Patient and Family Advisory Council for Quality and Safety!

Chanelle Houston

Tony Keye

Brandon Bland

Derek Berry

Judy Zdobysz

Olivia Glover-White

Laura Long

Joan Joyce


If you have additional questions, please call Laura Long at 202-877-1388 or e-mail [email protected].