How to Apply to the PFACQS

Patients, family members of patients, and people who work at MedStar NRN are invited to apply.  This is an opportunity for those who want to be actively engaged as a volunteer in helping the hospital put patients first and continuously improve the safety and quality of care.

The term “family member” will be broadly defined to include persons related by blood, persons related by marriage, domestic partners, as well as close friends or neighbors who have a relationship with a patient that includes helping care for their health.

For patients and/or family members:  MedStar NRH is interested in forming a partnership with people who have experienced high-quality care, satisfactory care that could have been improved, or unsatisfactory care.  All are eligible to apply.   Persons who have health insurance and those who do not have health insurance are equally eligible to apply.

Application for patients and/or family members

For MedStar NRH associates:  Associates are equally eligible to apply, regardless of job title or rank.

Application for hospital associates

ALL applicants:  Your application will be reviewed by the current PFACQS co-chairs.   Applicants may be asked to participate in an interview, by phone or in person.   A final decision on council member selection will be communicated to the applicant as soon as possible.  Thank you for applying!

If you have additional questions, please call Laura Long at 202-877-1388 or e-mail [email protected].