Getting Settled

An Admissions representative will meet with you and your family, usually in your room, to verify information and ask you to sign all necessary consent and financial forms. An identification band will be placed on your wrist. Please leave the band on until you are released from the Hospital; if the band is lost or damaged, notify your nurse so that a new one can be provided.

On the day you are admitted to our hospital, a nurse from your unit will orient you to your room and your unit, discuss the role of your primary nurse, and provide other information. Family members may be oriented at a later time if they are not available at the time of admission. Other members on your clinical team will also orient you about their roles and responsibilities early in your stay.

If you have questions or concerns during your stay, please talk with your primary nurse or the nursing manager on your unit. A nursing supervisor is also available at the Hospital 24 hours a day. During your stay you may have to be relocated to another room. Your nurse will advise if such a move becomes necessary.

Please familiarize yourself with the bedside call service equipment. When you push the button at your bedside, call lights are activated at the nurses' station and outside your room. A nurse will respond to your call as promptly as possible. An emergency call system is also provided in the bathroom. Should you need help, pull the cord to signal the nurses' station. A nurse will come to assist you.